Read Your Books with Bookviser Reader

Bookviser Reader – Windows Phone App

We have a thing for all literary fanatics who would like to read books everywhere – on their phone. For all Windows phone users, we present you the Bookviser Reader, created to give you a great reading experience on your phone or tablet.

The Features

Bookviser Reader is indeed a classy app, a bit different from the standard reading apps. Even though it doesn’t have own database of books, it will point you to a great sources where you can find a book of your choice. Bookviser Reader supports text, fb2, and ePub files.

You can create you Bookviser Reader account for free and synchronize your reading choices with all of your Windows devices.

The app also gives you an option to customize your reading experience to your liking. There is a page-turning animation that gives you a sense of reading an actual copy of the book, but some of you may find this animation a bit annoying.


The Price

Bookviser Reader is a free app for Windows Phone. Creating an account for the app is also free.

The Verdict

What Bookvider Reader is trying to accomplish is to give you a more authentic feeling when reading an e-book. However, on larger books, the page-turning animation can be a bit slow. Still, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t give this app a try if you are used to reading on your phone – after all, it is free.


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