Enlight Your Photos With This App!

Enlight – iOS app

Considering the fact that today’s smartphone generation is obsessed with taking pictures (or selfies, to be more accurate), Enlight comes as a awesome app that gives you great opportunities when it comes to photo editing.

The Features

Enlight comes with all the features that the standard photo-editing app has, such as crop, filter, add text, frames, etc. However, Enlight will give you great photo-editing tools that you won’t find in another app existing so far.

The Refit option is a great photo manipulation tool that you will love. You can freeze an object in the photo, let’s say for example yourself. After doing that, you can then manipulate with the rest of the objects and move them around.

The Tilt Shift option allows you to turn your pictures into artistic sketches when choosing one of the available filters. When it comes to text, you can choose from a variety of given fonts. You can even add text in meme style – a line on top and a line on the bottom of the picture.

Regarding the filters, you will find all of your favourite filters in this app. The thing you can do in Enlight is that you can adjust the intensity of the filter to your liking.


The Price

Enlight is currently available only on the iOS platform and it costs $8.

The Verdict

If you are one of the many who can’t go a day without posting a picture on social media, then we strongly recommend Enlight. Even though it is not a free app, paying $8 will definitely pay off after few pictures.


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