Funny or Die Weather

Funny or Die Weather

The weather apps can be very cool and stylish, but is some rare cases even funny. That’s the case with Funny or Die Weather, an app with decent weather conditions accuracy, yet can bring a smile on your face with some fun jokes.


The Features

Like any other weather app, Funny or Die Weather will give you the current weather conditions, including, temperature, humidity, wind speed etc. It will show you a forecast also. The app will ask for your location, and one you give it a permission, will synchronize to give you the required information. There are few default cities that are already set, but you can remove them in the options tab. You can add other places by tapping on the plus.

The unusual part in this app is that it uses humor to brighten your day even if it is raining outside. In the app, you can find funny jokes, puns, pieces of advice etc. brought to you by Funny or Die Weather app team. In fact, this is a really nice option for a weather app to have if you want to set it apart from all of the others.


The Price

Funny or Die Weather is a free app, available for both Android and iOS.


The Verdict

If you are not one of those who take the weather forecast too serious, then Funny or Die Weather can be a great choice for you. And after all, if you are not in need of information about the weather, you can always open the app to read an nice joke.


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