Do Your Daily Brain Exercise With Lumosity

Lumosity – Android and iOS App

If you are willing to do some mental training and don’t spend much time on it, give Lumosity a try. According to the developers of this app, Limosity will train your cognitive abilities and in some time you will feel the benefits in your everyday life.


The Features

Lumosity is consisted of six mental games, focusing on different mental abilities. You will have to deal with math, orientation, spatial speed match, memorization, etc.

The daily task is to complete three of these mini games, but you can always play one game twice.

The purpose is very simple, as well as the concept and the interface. You will see a clear, minimalistic interface through the games.

Every game comes with a tutorial, so you can watch the tutorial before playing ay of the games.


The Price

Lumosity is a free app for both Android and iOS. When using the free app version, you will have the opportunity to play only three games every day. If you want to have access to all six games, there is a monthly subscription of $12. In the paid version, you will be also able to share and compare your results with the rest of the Lumosity community.


The Verdict

We cannot say for sure if this app will improve you mental abilities, but after all, it is worth the try – at least the free version. Whatever the outcome is, at least you are going to have some fun and move your brain muscles a bit.


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