OKDoThis! Take this Photo Now!

OKDoThis! Take this Photo Now!

If you are active on Instagram, you may probably noticed that the majority of pictures being posted there are somewhat generic: a selfie, a puppy photo, coffee time with friends, lunch time with family etc.  OKDoThis gives you ideas of new photos you should take using your phone.


The Features

Once you download the app, you need to make an account or log in with Facebook or Twitter. You will see the Dos. The idea behind the app is to make you rethink the photos you post on social media. For example, you may get a command like “Take a picture of the thing on your left”. Sometimes, the result may be an incredibly boring picture, yet sometimes you may take a picture of something you have overlooked so many times. And of course, you can share the pictures you take on social media.

As any other app that is dealing with pictures today, OKDoThis has filters that users can choose from. The pictures you edit can be taken out from your camera roll, or you can take a picture directly from the app.

The Price

OKDoThis is a free app. You can download it for iOS only.

The Verdict

OKDoThis seems like an awesome concept that will shake Instagram users a little bit. Even I, as a non-photographer and not a passionate Instagram user really liked the idea of this app. We are all sometimes missing photo inspiration, and OKDoThis may give us just that!


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