Keep Your Eyes Open With Presence

Presence App

Since our phones are not just “things” anymore, but they are more like our companions, now you can give your phone more “credentials” regarding your security. Thanks to Presence, you can convert your old iPhone into a surveillance camera for your home!


The Features

Presence activates the camera on your phone and acts as a security camera. They idea is to have your old iPhones used in a productive way, rather than having them sit in the drawer. You need to connect your old iPhone to your new iPhone or iPad and set the rules for monitoring. The rules can be as simple as, for example notify me if there is a movement, to more complex, custom rules, such as notify me if you iPad is unplugged from the charger. You can further customize the rules, regarding what to keep an “eye” for and when to be active.

You can watch live footage from your home in real time. All of the data will be uploaded to a limited cloud storage that can be accessed from all of your devices.


The Price

Presence is a free app for iOS. However, there are many in-app purchases that can cost you big time if you get carried away. Of course, keeping your home safe is an important thing, but if you are to spend a fortune on an app, then you better hire a security agency or buy a professional security camera.


The Verdict

Presence is a great way to use your old iPhone and increase the levels of security when you are out of your home. Use it for the purpose it serves, and maybe enhance it with few in-app purchases. Just don’t get carried away and spend a fortune!

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