Move Your Brain Muscles with QuizUp

Move Your Brain Muscles with QuizUp

If you are willing to test your knowledge on various subject, and in the meantime potentially learn something new, QuizUp is the perfect thing for you. Challenge yourself and play with your friends or total strangers!


The Features

QuizUp is a trivia game, giving you the opportunity to play against people anywhere in the world. When it comes to the topics, you have tons of topics you can choose from. The categories include literature, movies, games, general knowledge, science, languages etc. There are so many topics that in fact you won’t know which one to choose first. And when we say many, we really mean many – 500 topics and counting! So whether you are a Harry Potter fan who want to test their knowledge in Harry Potter spells of quotes (yes, there are separate categories for spells, quotes, movies, books, characters etc.), or you have just started to learn Spanish and want to see where you are, QuizUp will give you the right questions to test your knowledge.

You can choose your opponents at random based on the category you have chosen, or you can connect to a friend and play. After finishing a game, QuizUp has optionS to do a rematch or to play on a different category with the same opponent.

The Price

QuizUp is a free app with limitless possibilities. Yet, there are in-app purchases you can choose from, but the app is not a total bore reminding you about them every minute. The purchases can be found in the store, and they cost anywhere between $2.50 and $7.50.

The Verdict

You will be surprised how many different topics there are – you can even find quotes from Disney’s Frozen FOR God’s sake! So literally, there’s something for everyone. So if you are a trivial lover, open your app store and download the app – NOW!


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