A New Way of Taking Selfies with Reflexion!

Reflexion App

The OnePlus phones came out of nowhere and made a great boom last year. However, their invite system made people a bit sad (myself for example), because I couldn’t get their hand on such phone easily. Now, besides producing the OnePlus Two and the OnePlus X, OnePlus brings us a fun photo app in the style of their X model – Reflection.


The Features

The idea behind the app is amazing – you get to share a picture of yourself, but also of your surroundings. Using the app, you will take a picture with you front camera and with your back camera. The app will reflect both images and make them one, creating a kind of an X with the pictures. It is an incredibly easy to use app. As you take a photo with the front camera, it will rotate it immediately and if you like it, you can move on to the back camera. You will see the complete product and if you like it, it’s done!

Of course, you can share your pictures made with Reflection on different social media.


The Price

The Reflexion app is free for both operating system – and imagine that, you won’t need an invite to download it!


The Verdict

If you are looking to enhance your social media profiles with some unusual photos, give Reflexion a try. It is a nice thing to have on your phone while you are waiting for your invite! Come on OnePlus, where’s my invite already!?


Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/reflexion-capture-unique-reflections/id1040489081?mt=8


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