Get it Moving in Style with Shadow Puppet

Shadow Puppet

If you are looking for a quick an easy way to make a presentation/slideshow on your phone, check out Shadow Puppet. This great app will cover your needs in a very easy way – so easy and simple that even kids can do it!


The Features

Shadow Puppet will give you great introduction videos on how to use the app in order to create your quick presentation. In fact, it is a very easy-to-use app where you can make your personal presentations and share with friends.

Shadow Puppet lets you do a voice over, combine pictures and video, add text in different fonts etc. You can share it on many different ways, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, save it to your library, send it via email, iMessage, or WhatsApp Messenger.

You can record as you drag and drop items on your screen, or overlay your pictures with different colours.


The Price

Shadow Puppet is a free app. However, you will not get all of the features in the free version. The in-app purchase will cost you $1.99 and will unlock all of the other features.


The Verdict

Shadow Puppet is undoubtedly a fun and simple app that can help you with your presentation. However, it can’t be said that can take over the functionality of the front runner Microsoft Power Point. Still, for non-commercial use, Shadow Puppet is worth giving a try.


Download here:


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