Rock the Night Sky with Sky Guide!

Sky Guide App

If you are fascinated with the night sky, then we found your new favourite app. Sky Guide is the app that will tell you everything about your surrounding at night by pointing your phone camera to the sky.

The Features

Sky Guide will give you a tutorial on how to use the app. Even though some of us usually find this very irritating (“I can do it myself, duh”), the tutorial in the app comes in with a great welcome. When you point your phone to the sky and tap on the star, the app will play a sound. The sound depends on the temperature and the diameter of the star. The tone of the sound will be loud and with a high pitch if you tap on a huge hot star, for example.

By doing an in-app purchase, you can unlock an option to also see the artificial satellites of the Earth.

You can search for stars and planets and the app will point out the position of the celestial object. The thing that I found really amazing is that the app will let you know how long the celestial object will be visible. If the object you are searching for is not visible at the time, the app will tell you exactly when it will be visible.

Sky Guide App

The Price

Sky Guide costs $2.99, with additional in-app purchases, such as the option to see satellites. It was first developed for iOS, but now it is available on Android also.

The Verdict

Sky Guide app is really and truly amazing. When compared to Google Sky Map, this would be the app I would definitely choose.


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