Vertigo – The Classic Snake Game with a Twist!


We all get a bit nostalgic about the classic games we played on the old phones. Well, for all of you old timers, we present you Vertigo, the game that comes as a modern take on the classic game Snake.

The Features

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard about Snake. Vertigo is looking super modern, with vibrant colours and great background music. Of course, you are playing as the snake. You need to tap the screen left or right to navigate the snake. However, contrary to the classic game, here the screen moves along with the snake (it is called Vertigo, after all). This can be very confusing in the beginning until you get used to it, and can be a real challenge when you reach a high speed.

The game is divided into 40 levels in 5 chapters. With the free download you can only play the first 5 levels of the first chapters. To unlock the remaining stages and chapters, you will need to pay $0.99.

The Price

Vertigo is a free game for iOS, but it you want to unlock all levels, you will need to do an in-app purchase that will cost you 0.99$.

The Verdict

This is a no-brainer. You either like or dislike the game. To be honest, the 99 cents are not much of a price you will pay for all the level. If you want to go back to the classics but rather keep the visual improvements that the modern world has, then we would strongly recommend Vertigo.


Download here:


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