See if it is Really Impossible with Almost Impossible!

almost impossible app

Here’s a fun game for you to play when you have time and in the same time test your reflexes – Almost Impossible. Yes, in fact it is almost impossible to get through all of the levels, but hey, give it a try!


The Features

Almost impossible has 50 almost impossible levels to get through. It is a continuous game, and you won’t really notice when entering the new level because there’s only a line serving as a somewhat of a checkpoint. To navigate in this game, you simple have to tap your screen on the left side if you want to move left, and tap the screen on the right if you want to move right. You are a nice little smiley face that has to get through all of the obstacles to complete the level. Things are falling, rising, smashing, and what you need to do is avoid every single one of them until you reach the end of the level. If you get killed, you will be back at your last checkpoint.

The design of the game is awesome – it is somewhat retro and minimalistic. The colors are vibrant which makes the game really enjoyable.


The Price

Almost Impossible costs $1.99 and it is available for iOS. The game has in-app purchases that will help you skip a level that you are stuck on.


The Verdict

Almost Impossible is a nice and very addicting little game that not only will test your reflexes, but also your nerves. The price of $1.99 may be a little off-putting, but still, we would say it’s worth it if you are a fan of such games.


Download here:!/id1045976470?mt=8


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