Don’t Go Under the Weather with Atmos!


We usually trust the weather forecast, and on many occasions it lets us down. We cannot guarantee that Atmos won’t do the same, but yet, it is very stylish and functional for all of those who want the fetch the weather on the move.


The Features

When launching the app, Atmos will ask you about your location so it can fetch the data. You will see a detailed weather forecast and current weather conditions. If you are a traveler, you can add different cities by taping on the +.

Atmos has a wonderful design, with vibrant yet calming colors in accordance to the weather conditions. What is really cool about this app is that while you are in the app, the status bar changes. Instead of seeing the default status bar, the app gives you a customized status bar in accordance its design. Atmos has small “cards” that it uses to show you the weather conditions in all the locations you have selected on the screen in the same time.

Atmos uses information from, and we can say that the information is pretty much accurate.

The app is also available for iWatch, displaying the detailed forecast.


The Price

Atmos is available for iOS and it costs $2.99. When paying for the app, you will get both the iPhone and the iWatch version.


The Verdict

Atmos is probably one of the most detailed and beautiful weather forecast apps. If you are willing to spend $3 on it, then we would definitely give it thumbs up!


Download here:


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