Rise and Shine Every Day with Carrot Alarm!

carrot alarm

Carrot Alarm goes for all the sleepy heads who love to hit snooze multiple times every morning. Waking up may not be easy, but at least you are going to have a fun time!


The Features

Like every single alarm clock app, you need to set the time you want to wake up. When the alarm goes off, you need to turn it off, but the story doesn’t end here. You need to play several mini games in order to shake yourself up and prevent you from going back to sleep.

If you decide to hit snooze, you are going to make the app angry! It will give you a warning sign by saying “You are going to have a bad time” and then stay silent for the entire snooze period. However, when the alarm goes off again, prepare yourself for insults! Don’t be surprised if the app tells you are stupid and calls you smelly!

By successfully finishing the task the app gives you, you will unlock new mini games and more snooze time.


The Price

The app is available for iOS and it costs $0.99.


The Verdict

We absolutely loved this app! It is fun, engaging and may even get on your nerves in the morning, but then you will realize that the goal is such – to get you out of your comfort zone and force you to wake up. For less than a dollar, we cheer for you to give it a try!


Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/carrot-alarm-talking-alarm/id623700355?mt=8


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