May the Relaxation start with Celestial!


If you are one of those who believe that sounds can actually affect your state of mind, then Celestial is an app you would definitely like to check out! This ambient noise app is said to have somewhat “magical” powers, claiming that it may help you relax, sleep, or focus better.


The Features

Celestial offers a total of six different ambient sounds, recorded on actual locations. They are all accompanied by a photo which is there to represent the chosen category, but also to give you a hint of where the sound was recorded indeed.

This app also gives you the option “Timer”. As the name itself suggests, you can decide how long you would like to listen to the selected ambient sound. So if you are ready to relax before going to bed, set the timer and you won’t have to worry about draining you battery overnight.

When listening to a sound, there is a corresponding background panorama image that will move as you move the phone. Because the focus of the app is set on sound, the panorama picture is there just to enhance your experience, and perhaps give you the feeling that you are on the actual spot where the sound is coming from.


The Price

Celestial is a freemium app. The free version comes with three different sound for sleeping, relaxing, and focusing. Upgrading the app will cost you $1.99, and it will unlock three additional sounds.


The Verdict

We are not going to argue whether this app will help you sleep or focus better, because after all, that’s a more individual thing. However, as an app, Celestial is a well-thought-of concept. Even though the background panorama images may seem confusing or unnecessary, the focus is set on sound. If you are looking for relaxing sounds, you should definitely check this app out.

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