Extend Your Battery Life With These Simple Tips!

battery saving tips

Our phones are the great companions in our everyday lives. Having our phones bigger and better, we are sometimes faced with our battery dying out faster than expected. Of course, you can get yourself a power bank as a last resort for emergency situations. Still, there are few things you can do to extend you battery life!


Keep Your Phone Cool

Having your phone running many processes can result in your battery draining fast. If you want to extend your battery life, turn off all apps that you are not using at the moment. Also, keep your phone away from direct sunlight. The sunlight can even cause a permanent damage to your battery. In the hot days, avoid holding your phone in the hands and heating it even more.


Turn Down the Phone Brightness

Our smartphones have big screens that require a lot of energy to function. By decreasing the brightness levels, you can save a bit of battery, and plus, do a good thing for your eyes.


Minimize Screen Timeout

We often leave out phones running without even using them, making our batteries drain fast. To prevent your phone from using power when you don’t use the phone, reduce the screen timeout.


Turn On Battery Saving Mode

If you are really in need to extend the life of your battery, go to the settings of your phone and look for the Battery Saving Mode option. The phone will perform some tasks like turning off the WiFi and Bluetooth to save battery. However, use this option only when needed because it may influence the overall performance of your phone.


Turn off Notifications

The apps you are using always deliver notifications. Even though the notifications are only short actions, a great number of notifications for a longer period of time may cause your battery to drain fast.


We hope you liked these tips and that you will find them useful in your everyday life. After all, your phone is not only a phone anymore – it is a computer, a schedule planner, a mean of communication, and even a buddy. Keep it running!


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