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inbox by gmail

Unimportant newsletter messages are probably piling up in your inbox, and Google once again is here to help with their Inbox by Gmail app. If you want to let Google take over the dirty work on your email, that we might have the right app for you.


The Features

Unlike all other apps, Inbox by Gmail organizes the emails you receive in different folders, instead putting the in Inbox folder. The different folders or bundles, are premade folders which filter the messages and put them on the right spot. There are seven default bundles: Trips, Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums and Promos. All messages that fall under these categories will be sorted out in the bundles. All other messages that don’t fall into any of these categories will be shown in the Inbox folder, meaning that you won’t miss any important emails.

Inbox by Google has a system that in some way forces you to organize your messages. You can use gestures that are too simple to mark a message as read (swipe right), snooze a message (swipe left) or delete a message (tap and delete).


The Price

Inbox by Gmail is an Android and iOS app that is completely free.


The Verdict

For all of you who have a messy email, Inbox by Google is a great way to finally organize your messages. You can rely on their established system and just go with the flow. However, if you already have an established system yourself, you may end up fighting Google’s system. But in the end, considering the fact that most of us don’t give their emails the respect they need, Inbox by Google is definitely and app that is worth giving a shot.


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