Handy Tips for Keeping Your Phone Safe

phone protection tips

Our phones are much more than property today. Yes, they do cost our money, but we also have some emotional attachment to them. That’s why it is very important to protect them from the things that can damage them. Here are some tips that can help you keep things safe.


Use Pin, Password or Pattern to Lock Phone

There was a saying: “The people who don’t have passwords on their phone are the bravest, yet terrifying people you will going to meet in your life”. It is true, to be honest. Still, put the bravery aside and protect your phone with a pin, password or pattern. After all, you may lose it or get it stolen, an you don’t want someone to go through your personal data.


Download Apps from Trusted Sources Only

Use your app downloading software i.e. Google Play, Apple App Store or Windows Store. Read the reviews before downloading the apps and stay safe. Don’t download apps you wind on random websites.


Back Up Your Personal Data

Anything can happen in the world of technology. Keep you data safe from unexpected occupancies and back up important files.


Don’t Store Usernames and Passwords on Untrusted Internet Connections

Internet is available everywhere and we always use it. However, if you want to stay safe don’t log in to your accounts, especially when it comes to make a purchase on public or untrusted Wi-Fi connections.


Turn Off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When Your are Not Using It

There’s no need to have your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on if you are no using them. Not only will they drain your battery, but hackers can use them to connect to your phone and extract information.


We hope that these tips will help you keep your phone and personal information safe. After all, losing your phone can cost you much more than your couple hundred of dollars.


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