OnePlus Two vs. OnePlus X

oneplus two

The battle between the flagship and its younger sibling is here: OnePlus Two vs OnePlus X! Even though the OnePlus X isn’t presented as a flagship, it is a powerful phone that comes close to the OnePlus Two. Let’s check out the characteristics!


What’s Different?

The first notable difference is the feature that many people liked in the OnePlus Two: the fingerprint scanner. It is an exclusive feature for the OnePlus Two that I really miss in the X model. The OnePlus X is slightly smaller that the Two model, namely for a half inch.

The front and back cameras are same for the both phones. However, the X model tops the Two in terms of screen resolutions of 441 PPI.

For the chipset, the clear winner here is the OnePlus Two, having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, compared to the OnePlus X’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.

What OnePlus fans rioted the most about is the inability to add external SD card to the OnePlus Two. Well, I guess your prayers have been heard, and the OnePlus X has an awesome feature to boost the phone memory with an micro SD card. Plus, if you don’t need extra space, you may use the same slot to add a nano SIM card, making the phone a dual SIM phone.


Is There a Clear Winner?

Well, to be honest, no. First of all, it depends on your budget. The OnePlus Two costs $329 for the 16GB variant and $389 for the 64GB variant. The OnePlus X is much cheaper, costing ONLY $250 for the Onyx Glass variant (and the Ceramic variant is limited edition and not available in the USA).

Then, if you are planning to take a lot of pictures or install a lot of apps and 16 or 64 GB won’t be enough for you, the OnePlus X gives you the opportunity to extend the memory. And if you are in need for two SIM cards, then, you know which one is the right for you.

Still, talking an overall judgement, if the budget is not a problem for you, I suppose you should go for the OnePlus Two (even I personally, would go for the OnePlus X). The OnePlus Two has a more powerful processor and again the catchy fingerprint scanner.


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