Looking for a Lovely Place? Try Lovely!


If you are looking for a new place to live and are having a tough time going through listings on the listing sites, we have a thing that will help you search – Lovely. Lovely is an app that focuses on places to live throughout the USA.


The Features

You can search Lovely’s directory without even having an account. However, the setting of an account is free and it comes with great features such as receiving notifications about your potential new home.

Lovely relies on info from existing websites such as Craigslist, but there is also an option for landlords to set up advertisements exclusively for Lovely. That can be done by claiming your free account on Lovely Pro.

You can search through the directory, find a place and message the landlord. Lovely even gives you the opportunity to do a custom search and also receive notifications when an apartment matching your demands is advertised.

You can also search the app by zooming in on the map in the app and move around. The places for rent will be marked with dots.


The Price

Lovely is such a lovely app that won’t cost you a thing and might help you find your perfect place to live!


The Verdict

In our opinion, Lovely is a front runner when it comes to apartment search. There are many features that can make your searching process easier, such as the option to receive notifications. Lovely covers the entire territory of the USA, so regardless of where you want to move, you can definitely find your place here!


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