Pomodoro Timer – Bye Procrastination!

pomodoro timer

Procrastinators in the entire world – unite! But later. Here’s an app that may help you fight your procrastination – Pomodoro Timer.


The Features

The idea behind the Pomodoro Timer app is simple – organize your day and give you breaks between tasks. The default setting of the app is 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes break. However, you have the option to reorganize those time periods according to your needs and your habits. The time periods are called Pomodoros. After each Pomodoro is over, you will hear an alarm indicating the end of the period.

The problem that you may face when using this app is the fact that the timer may interrupt you in your most productive period. If that happens, that can turn out to be counterproductive instead of productive. Also, if you are a bit stubborn and want to have things your own way, you may find yourself having a difficulty obeying what the app s instructing you to do.


The Price

The Pomodoro timer app costs $1.99 and it is available for iPhones. The app is still not available for iPads.


The Verdict

If you need a bit of push in your working day, and yet don’t mind spending a bit of money on an app, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t try Pomodoro Timer. Just play according to the rules, and who knows, you may leave the procrastinators society.


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