Spice Up the Holidays with Moto X Pure Limited Back Designs

Motorola Moto X Pure Adler

Motorola Moto X Pure, besides the great features it had, gave people the awesome opportunity to customize the phone to the maximum! And since Motorola is famous for spicing up the holiday season with limited edition stuff, there is no surprise that once again Motorola delivers it. This time in collaboration with Jonathan Adler, Motorola delivers three limited back designs for the Motorola Moto X Pure!

Motorola Moto X Pure limited back

Here’s what Jonathan Adler said in his statement:

“Hey Moto fans, it’s Jonathan Adler here! I’m excited to be collaborating with Motorola. Like them, when I approach design, I encourage self-expression and ignoring the “rules” – and, I’m obsessed with my phone. So, why not embrace more choice when it comes to phone design? We all deserve phones as stylish as we are.

I’m sure many of you are thinking about your holiday gifting, so here are my tips for selecting the perfect gift for the design lover in your life.”


The three new holiday backs will be available on December 3rd, and they would be exclusive for the 32GB Limited Edition Moto Pure. The awesome phone, together with the cool back will cost you $475.

Happy (early) holiday season!


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