Never Miss a Song Again with Shazam!

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The majority of you have probably heard of Shazam by now. In fact, Shazam comes as a preinstalled app in many of today’s smartphones. Just in case, let’s check again what this app has to offer.


The Features

Shazam is a music identifying app that has helped many find the songs they are looking for. The interface is simple and elegant, and the app is very easy to use and you can never go wrong.

What bothers many regarding Shazam is that the app does not recognize humming or singing. And to be honest, sometimes you are left with a sound of a song that you heard on the radio.

Shazam also has the ability to identify TV shows. Same as when searching for music, tap the S sign and let the app do its job.

Another cool thing is the live lyrics option. Once you identified the song, Shazam will show you sources where you can find the song. By selecting live lyrics, you can listen the song and see the lyrics, real time, and most importantly synchronized.


The Price

Shazam is free. Hooray for that!


The Verdict

Even though Shazam cannot identify humming and singing, but only recorded songs, still, it is a very useful app you should have on your phone and grab it when you hear a song you don’t know. The live lyrics are another great thing for those days when all you want to do is sing. If you don’t have it preinstalled on your phone, go to your app store and download it now!


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