Bigger and Better With the New Skype Update


Skype has been one of the first computer programs that people started massively using for communication. Once the smartphones took over, it was only logical that Skype got its app. There were many users who questioned the usability and functionality of the Skype app, but things have changed and improved. Skype released a new update – the version 6.11 which comes with you cool features!

Manage Conversations Easier

In Skype’s version 6.11, you can mark messages as read, delete them or mute the notifications from certain person or group.

A great new feature is the ability to search all messages at once. Let’s say that you need to find a certain chunk of information but you don’t know who shared it with you. Previously, you would have to search through every chat separately, but now you can search all messages at once.

Video Messages

Since Skype introduced video messages, things have changed when it comes to video chatting. For example, if your friend isn’t online, you simply leave them a cool video message! And now, you can save those video messages in your phone’s gallery by simply tapping on the video and choosing Save.


You surely have noticed the cool mojis i.e. the short reactions taken from TV shows and series. Now those mojis are also available on the Skype app, so you can send the proper reaction easily!


If you are still using the old Skype app then stop right there! Go to your app store and download the update now!


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