Stream Music with 50% less Data with Opera Max

opera max


Taking only a 1.4% share of the browser market, Opera has been in the shadows for so long. Now, is coming back on the stage with an app that may give it a strong push towards the top – the Opera Max.


Why Opera Max? 

When we are using our mobile phones, we are often using our 3G or 4G Internet connection. Watching videos will spend much data, causing us to use our Internet subscription, or receive a high phone bill.

The idea behind Opera Max is to reduce the amount of data by entire 50% and still not lose on quality. Opera Max uses the so-called Rocket Optimizer, converting MP3 and MP4 based files to AAC+ codec, which optimizes the sound on lower bitrates.

According to Opera, listening to music and watching videos for nine full hours will only use a 1GB of data. That is an impressive number! There isn’t any noticeable difference in quality in the audio. And as a matter of fact, saving data should come in front of quality (of course, not if the quality is a disaster).

The Opera Max also uses less data when browsing the Internet, so you could save few megabytes there also.


Should you use it? 

If you are using an Android device, then yes, don’t even think twice! Check Opera Max out, give it a try and you will see for yourself how much data you will be saving!



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