Have Fun Time With Your Friends And Charades!


Usually, when we think games on our phones we think of single player games. Well, not any more! Charades is a a fun and engaging social game which lets you play with your friends. The concept is based upon the classic game Charades, so it is all the same except it is on your phone.

The Features

Just as in the classic game, the goal of the game is others to explain to you the thing written on the piece of paper, or in this case, your phone. You hold your phone in front of your forehead so you can not see, and your friends explain it by not using words directly related to the term.

In this app, you can find tons of different categories you can play: starting from classic movies, block busters, acting out, music of different decades, Disney heroes, even Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. When you chose your category you have exactly one minute for each game.

The Price

Charades is a free game and it is both for Android and iOS.

The Verdict

I am totally in love with this game. Together with my friends I have spend tons of hours playing in on many occasions – from relaxed coffee in someone’s backyard to house drinking parties. It is fun all the way! I would recommend it to all of you who would like to have real fun and still real engagement with other people.


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