The Star Wars Madness and Google United!


The Star Wars hype it is set in high motion and the fans around the world are going insane waiting for the release! Of course, Google never fails to join the excitement, and now here they are, one again contributing to the entire Star Wars madness!

Spice Up Your Google Account

The first thing that Google made available is the opportunity to “join” the light side or the dark side. By logging into your Google account, you can choose your side by dragging left towards the light side, or right towards the dark side.


Google Awaken the Force Within Screen


After choosing your side, all Goole apps will follow your way and transform themselves in accordance to your chosen side. You can switch to the other side whenever you like by dragging your avatar in the opposite direction, or you can switch back to normal mode by repositioning your avatar in the centre. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on desktop and not on mobile devices.

Star Wars’ Aurebesh on Google Translate

This is actually a thing! When you go to Google Translate, you can translate from your native language to Aurebesh. The language uses the standard 1:1 code, meaning that there is an equivalent symbol for every letter in the alphabet, plus the 0-9 numbers.

Star Wars Easter Egg

Google is used to releasing Easter Eggs, and now they have released a special Star Wars Easter Egg. Go to Google, type in “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and check out the awesomeness!


Unfortunately for all Star Wars fans, this is a limited time feature, and it is said that it will disappear sometime in February! So use it while it is here!



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