Say Goodbye to EverythingMe Launcher

everythingme launcher

Launchers are a fancy thing you can use on your phone and give it a different look. We are sorry to report that the favourite EverythingMe launcher will be officially gone from the market due to financial reasons. Let’s see what EverythingMe reported.

How It Worked? 

The EverythingMe launcher functioned as a third-party launcher – and it was probably the best one. The launcher would recommend its users apps depending on the user’s interests, location and time zone.

It seemed all well on paper theoretically – yet in practice things we a bit different. Nobody expected that EverythingMe will gain such popularity, and one it did, nobody has guesses that the launcher will have trouble with the monetization.

The start-up company begun its journey in 2010 and raised a huge hype around it. The EverythingMe offered its users an alternative UI that was widely accepted.

Is It Really Gone? 

The answer to thing question depends of what you understand by “gone”. Officially, the app I dead. Yet, the app will continue to exist and you can still use it. However, there will be no new updates and no support.

That’s fair, we should say. However, considering the fact that technology goes forward, it is only a question of time when the EverythingMe launcher will not be able to function. For example, with the release of Android Marshmallow, it is expected that the launcher will experience problems. And as things move forward, the only reasonable thing that could be done for the launcher to continue working is opening the source code and let the community take over and see where it takes us.


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