Signal Private Messenger – Text Safe!

signal messenger app

Ever since Edward Snowden went public with the information about the NSA, the people have gone a bit overprotective when it comes to communication – and rightfully! Edward Snowden also gave recognition to the Signal Private Messenger app, and increased the popularity to an immense level. Let’s check out the characteristics of this app!

The Features

While most apps nowadays require sign up before usage, the case with Signal isn’t such. There is no sign up required, but rather you will receive a special text message by which the app authorizes your device. The next thing you should do is to set Signal as your default texting app, transfer all of your previous messages and you are ready to go.

The purpose of Signal is to keep you secure, and that is done by using Curve25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256 to secure your information and the Axolotl protocol for encryption.

And even though this app is primarily focused on security, we must admit that it has a pretty neat design when compared to other security apps. The design is clean, comprehensible and easy to navigate.

The Price

Signal is completely free for Android and iOS. And in fact that is honestly a very noble thing to do – help people feel secure, provide real security, and yet charge nothing.

The Verdict

If you are feeling the need of protecting your data – go for it! I must again emphasize that this app is in a way recommended by Snowden, and that is a guy who knows his thing!


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