Why is OnePlus selling iPhone Cases?

OnePLus iPhone case

We all know that OnePlus is not the most straight-forward company as other phone manufacturers. Starting with their invitation system and affordable prices, OnePlus definitely can brag with originality. But now, they have made a move that it is just to weird to understand – from today on, they are selling iPhone cases. What?!

But Why?

Honestly, things are not really clear about this case. Here’s what they say one OnePlus’ official website:

We know you know all about that. To date, our fans have sent tens of millions of invites to friends, colleagues, family members and absolute strangers. We also know how hard it can be to explain something as intangible as “Never Settle”. Most people choose what’s easiest, or what’s familiar; the path most-travelled. Most people don’t know what they’re missing out on and – let’s face it – most people are okay with that. If you’re reading this, it’s unlikely that you’re most people.

And that’s why I love OnePlus. Just look at the tone of their message and the elegant mock there! So in a way, this is a marketing campaign, as you can see on their website – they want people who use OnePlus to give a case as a holiday gift to iPhone users and share the awesomeness of OnePlus. And that’s a very well-thought-of concept.

The case is available at $19.99. It is a Sandstone Black case, or the signature colour of the company. On the back, there is the OnePlus logo, and on the inside you will find a nice reminder to use the invite you will get with the case, saying: “Get a grip. #NeverSettle”

To be honest, this is a very original and somewhat cocky move from OnePlus, and damn I love cocky moves! 🙂


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