LinkedIn Get a New and Improved App

LinkedIn app

We all LinkedIn as the most professional social media out there. And that is the core truth. The focus of this network is to connect professionals. LinkedIn has improved their network greatly in the last period of time. However, we must admit that their app was bit outdated. Well, that’s about to change since LinkedIn is getting a new mobile app!

The Features

The obvious thing in the new LinkedIn app is that when it comes to the design, the new design is significantly more dynamic and vibrant.

There are 5 “core areas” – Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging and Search. That organization of the app makes things pretty simple to understand and to use.

In the area Me, you can take a look at your profile and edit information.

In Feed, of course, you can see what your connections have published and shared – just like in the desktop version.

In My Network, you can see the people you are connected with and from there on move to their profiles.

In Messaging, of course, you can view the messages you have sent and received and compose new messages.

And in Search, logically, you can search for people and companies using different filters. So basically the tab is a replacement of the search bar on the desktop version.

The Price

Naturally, the app is free and it is available in the stores of all mobile operating systems.

The Verdict

Many people argued that LinkedIn reminds them a lot of the Facebook app. But in the end, does it really matter? Facebook and LinkedIn function in a very different way (even though I must scold all people who have started using LinkedIn in the same way that they use their Facebook profile).


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