Will Sony Xperia Z5 Series Get the Marshmallow Update in January?

sony xperia android update

What’s been going around in the last week is the fact that everybody is excited and waiting for the Marshmallow update to reach their phones. We reported yesterday about the speculations about when will HTC One M9 and M8 get the long awaited update. Today’s turn is on Sony Xperia. Let’s see what we can expect!

Will the Z5 Series be the Only One to Get the Update?

The answer to this question is no – definitely not. The first devices that will receive the update are the Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Premium and Z5 Compact. According to a statement released from Sony somewhere at the end of November, other Sony phones will also get the update, but they haven’t specified the devices.

When Will The Update Come?

No official statements have been made. Yet, according to the Twitter leaker Ricciolo (@Ricciolo1), the update is ready and is coming your way next month i.e. in January 2016.

What Will Change?

The most important question on Sony users’ minds is whether they will have an improvement in their battery life after upgrading the software. It is said that the Android Marshmallow will optimize your phone to save battery while not in use. But given the fact that Sony implemented 4K on their Premium model, we might have to wait and see.

So Sony users, the wait is on (or has been for some time now) and if the leeks are correct, there’s only a month left!


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