Delayed: You Would Have to Wait a Bit Longer for the Turing Phone

Turing phone

All of you who have been following the tech news were probably even too excited when the Turing Phone was announced. It all seemed like science fiction until they opened their pre-orders! It was said that the phone would be shipped December 18th, but the latest annunciation says that we would have to wait a bit more…

turing phones

Here’s what the CEO of the company said in his full annunciation about the delivery of the phone:

Dear TRI Fans,

The year 2015 is drawing to a close, and the Turing Phone continues to earn worldwide recognition through featured media headlines. We truly appreciate the continued faith you have in TRI and want you to know how important it is for us to put a Turing Phone into your hands. In the last 12 months, we’ve made it from a laboratory experiment to a fully production-ready product that is nothing less than extraordinary and through your support, we did it together.

The Turing Phone isn’t just a hardware device, it’s the perfect blend of both hardware and software. While we have achieved the claims we’ve made earlier this year – from our signature Liquidmorphium frame to the waterproof feature, the last remaining developmental step is our OS and the security platform. Many of you have asked us to support Google Play Store and we listened. We are inching closer to fulfill our promise of delivering a truly secure OS while allowing you the ability to download apps that you’re familiar with and use regularly.

TRI needs more time to make sure when the Turing Phone is delivered it’ll be one of the best mobile devices ever conceived. To accomplish this, we ask for your patience and continuous support. Because we’ll miss the December 18th shipping deadline, we are offering the following options for you to consider:

  1.  If you pre-ordered the phone(s), we will upgrade your current order, eg., 16GB phone upgraded to a 64GB, 64GB upgraded to 128GB, 128GB upgraded to the limited edition model.
  2.  If you can’t wait a few short weeks longer, you may cancel your pre-ordered Turing Phone (s), and receive an immediate full refund.

Choosing to stay with TRI, we can ensure that it will be worth the wait. You are our most valuable asset and we are committed to bringing you the very best products and services we possibly can. This is our promise to you!

The exact shipping date will be announced later this month. It will be no later than the end of Q1 2016.

Thank you for staying with us all this time and for your understanding.


SYL Chao



As you can see in the statement, those who don’t cancel their pre-orders will get an upgrade in terms of internal memory. It is a fair deal – after all, you would have to wait for your phone a little bit longer, so you might as well get a bonus. One thing is for sure – we are all excited about the security-focused phone that is suppose to change the smartphone industry!


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