Spice Up Your Phone With Wonderwall!

Wonderwall app

I suppose that the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word “Wonderwall” is the big hit from Oasis. Well, that’s not the case this time. As much as you enjoy hearing Wonderwall and singing like nobody’s going to put it on YouTube, we will direct your attention to another Wonderwall – the app that will spice up your phone with more than just a few stunning wallpapers.

The Features

Wonderwall functions on a simple principle – it lets you choose what you like and stick to it, or if you will, try out new things. You can browse the huge gallery with pictures from photographers all over the world and choose what suits you best. Or, you can even let Wonderwall do that for you! You can set your preferred frequency at which you want your wallpaper to be changed. Wonderwall can send you a random wallpaper every day, and if you like it, you may add it in your favourites and go back to it when you would like. Probably the best Woderwall’s feature for all photography enthusiasts is the fact that you may even submit your own wallpaper! Imagine having people who would have your picture on their phones as a background.

Wonderwall app review

The Price

Wonderwall is a free app and it is available for Android on Google Play Store.

The Verdict

If you are one of those people who like to change their background frequently, and not like me who just puts one wallpapers and is left with it until I get myself a new phone, then I strongly recommend Wonderwall. There are many beautiful wallpapers waiting for you!


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