Is iPhone 6c Coming Your Way?

iphone 6c concept

Apple didn’t have any particular success with the iPhone 5c model. After all, it did lack some of the features that the iPhone 5s had, and we must admit it was disappointing, or maybe we just expected too much. Even though there are no official statement whether there would be an iPhone 6c model, rumor has it that we would live to see it sometime in spring.

According to AppleInsider, Ming-Chi Kuo, there would definitely be a c model, and his prediction says that it would be released in March 2016.

Kuo further predicts that the iPhone 5c model served as a lesson and that Apple will change their game for their 6c model. He says that the iPhone 6c will probably have the same A9 processor that the iPhone 6 models released so far have – which is nice!

The iPhone 6c will probably feature the NFC payment via Apple Pay. Let’s not forget the TouchID, which is also among the features that are said should be on the iPhone 6c.

Some rumors even say that the iPhone 6c will feature a full metal build like the premium iPhone model. Again, unlike the previous iPhone 5c which had a polycarbonate body, giving the 6c model a metal body would eliminate the somewhat cheap feel one would have.

In terms of price range, speculations say that it would be somewhere between $400 and $500.

But in the end, nothing is for sure. We cannot even say for sure that this model is coming our way. We would have to wait and see!


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