Google Play Music Family Plan Announced!

google play music

Back in September, Google announced in one occasion that soon people will be able to get a Google Play Music family plan based on a monthly subscription.  It seemed like it was all forgotten until today, when Google came out with an official annunciation that the family plan is “coming soon”. Speculations say that soon refers to “by the end of this week”.

Google Play Music family plan will not be available everywhere, but rather only in few countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France and Germany.

What Will You Get?

As the name itself suggests, this is a package for the entire family. It is consisted of six accounts under one monthly subscription. The monthly subscription will cost $14.99. You will get unlimited access to the entire Google Play Music database, of course ad-free.

Another thing that is included in the monthly subscription for Google Play Music family plan is the YouTube Red subscription. We discussed the YouTube Red in one of our previous articles. I argued that the YouTube Red subscription is somewhat illogical, but okay, it is what it is. In the Google Play Music family plan, the YouTube Red subscription comes included.

Is It Worth It?

Yes! It definitely is! For $14.99 you get six accounts with unlimited access, and the YouTube Red subscription comes as a plus. If you are one of those people who cannot live without their music, or better, if your entire family is like that, then no need to even think about it. Considering the vast library of Google Play Music, you won’t miss a single track anymore!


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