Official: OnePlus X Ceramic Limited Available Tomorrow

oneplus x ceramic

From what I hear around from people and from what I see online, it seems that the excitement about the OnePlus X “Never Settle(s)”. It’s been more than a month since the Onyx Glass model has been released and all we have been hearing were good reviews. And now finally, it is time to get our hands the exclusive release of the OnePlus X model – the Ceramic limited edition.

According to the official statement, the OnePlus X Ceramic will be available for international sale starting tomorrow. If you remember, the Ceramic model was limited on certain amount of pieces and it was said that it would be available in Europe only in the initial statement. However, the fact that the OnePlus X Ceramic recently went on sale in India through Amazon may indicate that OnePlus had changed their minds.

When the phone was announced, it was indicated that the Ceramic model is limited edition. The reason for that was, as they said, the unbelievably hard process of making the back. The sand was imported from New Zealand and it was reported that it was a tricky thing to do to turn it into ceramic back for the OnePlus X.

oneplus x ceramic and onyx

OnePlus said for us to wait until tomorrow for their official statement on how to get an invite (yep, the invite system is here). Even though the invite system is dropped for the OnePlus Two model, taking into consideration that the OnePlus X ceramic is limited edition, there’s no surprise that the invite system stays. According to their statement, the invites will be rolled on in more than one ways, so what we expect to see are contests of some kind, since after all, the demand for the phone is high.

A reminder that the OnePlus Ceramic is entirely the same when it comes to the specifications to the OnePlus Onyx. However, the price is higher, i.e. the Onyx Glass model costs $249, while the price of the Ceramic model is given in pounds – 269 (around $400). It is up to you to decide whether additional $150 are worth for only a ceramic back!


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