Tired of Charging Your Battery? Try Oukitel K10000!

oukitel k10000

Battery life has been a matter on many people’s minds. The top smartphone manufacturers sacrificed battery life for a thinner design, and it seems like they shouldn’t have done that in the first place. After all, we are all sick and tired of charging our phones every day. While the phones we’ve seen this year bragged with a battery of around 3000mAh tops, one other manufacturer turned things around and focused solely on battery life. Introducing the Oukitel K10000, a phone with a battery which allegedly can hold up to 15 days as the company says!

The Specifications

Oukitel, besides the amazing 10000mAh battery, has a 1GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735 processor and 2GB of RAM. The phone has internal memory of 16GB, which you can extend by a micro SD card.

The display of the phone is 5.5” HD IPS screen, which puts it in the group of the larger phones on the market.

Oukitel features a decent 8-megapixel back camera, and another decent 2-megapixel front camera.

The phone is also a dual-SIM phone and it has a 4G LTE support.

As you can see from the specifications, the phone is more towards the low-end of the smartphone world. Without a doubt, the battery consumption will be lower due to the weaker specifications. Still, we cannot rule this phone as a low-end phone yet. Remember the focus of the company – an insanely big battery!

oukitel k10000 phone


The Oukitel K10000 is available for pre-order up until January 2nd. After the date, the phones will be shipped. The phone costs $239. So we can conclude that the price is just right for such handset. However, you can additionally lower the price if you get your hands on a discount coupon. With a discount coupon, the Oukitel will cost $199.

The Verdict

I am totally divided when it comes to this phone. On one hand, I love the idea of having such a mighty battery on a phone, but the weak specifications are a great setback. In the end, it all comes down to you. Don’t forget that the specifications are still decent. If you are tired of charging your phone, then maybe you should let go of the desire of great specifications and focus on a better battery!


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