All the Things We Know About The Samsung Galaxy S7!

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After the popularity of the phones from Samsung’s new generation: the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, seems like everyone is eager to see what Samsung will bring out with their next and improved Samsung Galaxy S7. Even though there are no particular official statements from the company, there are many rumours, speculations and leaks circulating the web. Let’s check out what people are saying!

The Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S7

The speculations about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S7 begun in late October of this year. The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S phones is usually set sometime in February or March, while the Samsung Galaxy Note series usually go out for sales in early fall. However, the thing that goes around the Internet is that this time, Samsung will release their Galaxy S7 model sometime in January.

The Cost

There’s not doubt that Samsung phones are awesome, especially the flagship phones, but many people threw away the idea of getting themselves one because of the high price. According to a study conducted in China, Samsung is likely to sell the new flagship phone at a lower price, namely 10% lower price in order to stay competitive on the market.

The Micro SD Slot

Many people were disappointed that the Samsung Galaxy S6 models lost their micro SD slot. However, what some leaks suggest is that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 will get the micro SD slot!

The Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S6 models weren’t powered by the Qualcomm chipset. Even though we all supposed that their collaboration is over, according to some of the leaks it seems the the Qualcomm chipset will be the chosen processor for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

There you have it! From what we can see, things are looking pretty well for the new Samsung Galaxy S7. Yet, let’s not jump to conclusions. We will have to wait and see to be sure if the speculations are true.


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