Can Help You Find Your Perfect Place!


Looking for a place to live can turn out to be more difficult task than you suppose at first. has been a very competitive and highly visited page when it comes to real estate. Now, they are making a strong effort to get even more visitor who will be using their apps. Let’s check out what the app has to offer!

The Features will help you out to find your place to rent or to buy. When opening the app, you will see a clean and clear interface, something you would call user-friendly. The places you will see are shown to you based on your location. You can also all the places you like in favourites if you want to visit them later. app

On, if a place you added in your favourites is sold, you will see a mark on the place saying “recently sold”. In that way, you will be able to narrow the search down.

You can filter your search in order to get the most relevant results. Set your price, your area and start searching!

The Price

The app is available for both Android and iOS and it won’t cost you a thing! However, it is the place you choose to buy or rent that’s going to cost you, of course 🙂

The Verdict

If you are looking for a place for yourself, then give this app a try! The app is popular around both Android and iOS users because of the app’s usability, and of course, the attention on details that is evident in this app!


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