360 Security – Keep Your Smartphone Safe!

360 security

Our smartphones are not immune to contaminations from viruses. Even worse that can happen in personal information theft. On the app markets, there are many security apps available. Let’s check out the last such app we have stumbled upon – the 360 Security!

The Features

360 Security comes with more than one features. First of all, it does what every other anti-virus app does – of course, protecting you from viruses.  The app performs scans in real-time and can find adware, malware, trojans and more. Considering the fact that the list of harmful files gets longer every day, 360 Security has updates on databasewhich you can take from their cloud.

360 security app

Another feature that is available on the 360 Security app is the ability to clean your storage of any unneeded apps. You can also terminate that apps that you are not using at the time and decrease the usage of the RAM memory.

A thing I particularly like seeing in security apps is the option to filter calls and messages. 360 Security has that option, yet it is still nothing revolutionary. However, you can use this handy feature and get rid of all those unwanted calls and text messages.

The Price

The 360 Security app is a free all which you can dowload for Android devices.

The Verdict

360 Security is a pretty decent app considering the fact that it is even free. If you still haven’t found your favourite security app, then you might give 360 Security a try!


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