A Good Snowman Is Hard to Make – Isn’t it?

a good snowman is hard to build

Have you ever wondered how it could be to build a snowman from a monster’s perspective? Well now you can see how it feels by using a cute little app called A Good Snowman is Hard to Build! Let’s check out the features!

The Features

In the game, you are a cute, yet mysterious marshmallow shaped monster who wants to do what all we adults want to do now since we’ve grown – build a snowman. The layout of the game is simple and minimalistic. You will find yourself in a small room covered with snow. There are several balls you should use in order to build a snowman. However, this is not as easy task as it may seem on first glance. The balls of snow may not be the right size you need at first, so you need to find a way how to make them larger. However, you monster companion has unlimited moves, so after all this is a nice and relaxed game, perfect for the holiday season.

a good snowman is hard to build app

The Price

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is a friendly and nice gaming app that is available on the iOS app store at the price of $4.99 (yikes!)

The Verdict

I am all in for the holiday season! Yes, let’s be honest that the app costs even too much. But if you want to enjoy a nice game and be one with the whole Christmas spirit, then maybe A Good Snowman is Hard to Build can turn out to be a great investment.


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