It’s Always ‘Television Time’!

television time

I bet many of you are TV shows fanatics! Some may not understand that obsession, but that is definitely a thing. After all, we all have some favorite TV show that may not be the most popular show in the world and we often get worried if the show will have another season. If you want to keep track of you preferred TV shows and get all information from one place, then try Television Time!

The Features

Television Time comes with a beautifully designed interface. When checking a TV series, the official poster of the show will go in the back as a blurred background.

So how does it work? When first launching the app, you will have empty “Shows” and “To Watch” sections. And here is where the fun starts! You can add your favorite TV shows in the “Shows” section and keep track when a new episode is aired. Under that section you will find all of the shows you have added, even those that have already ended.

television time app

Under the “To Watch” section, you will have all the episodes from your added shows that you still haven’t watched listed. Imagine that! You would never have to risk missing another episode (if that is considered a risk, after all).

The Price

Television Time costs $2.99 and it is available for iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The Verdict

I honestly love the design and love the concept of this app. If you are willing to keep everything on the horizon and don’t mind spending few bucks, Television Time is the app for you!


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