Never Drop Your Phone Again With the iRing


It is the same with all of us – when we get ourselves a new phone, we are overly protective of it. But as the time goes by, we get comfortable with it and not always treat it and we did in the beginning. It is something like this:

when i get a new phone


However, sometimes accidents happen and there is nothing we can do about it. The phone can just slip out of our hands and we just watch it hit the floor in front of us. Introducing a friendly gadget that may save you from such troubles – the iRing.

What Does it Do?

The idea behind the iRing is simple – it is there to provide you with a more secure feel when handling the phone. You stick the iRing on the back of your phone and you are done. When handling the phone, you insert you finger through the ring and that’s it.

The build of the iRing is mostly metal, so it would definitely bring some weight to the device. It can hold up to 15 pounds of weight, which is more than enough. Considering the fact the heavier tablets don’t weigh much more than a pound, you have everything covered.

iring colours

The iRing can also serve as a stand. In the package, a dock is included. You can use the dock to put your phone in a standing position, or even in your car as a hands free gadget.

The Verdict

Do you need it? Not necessarily. But are you a person who has dropped all of their phones? If yes, give the iRing a try. You never know what may happen.


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