Can a Black Wallpaper or Theme Save Phone Battery?

black wallpaper or theme

With our phones getting bigger and better, there is almost an infinite number of things we can do! Calling people, texting, using fancy apps, planning our day and playing fun games are just few of those. However, the problem we often face is the betrayal of our battery since it can only hold that much. It has been discussed a lot that dark themes and wallpapers save you battery. Well, it is true! Let’s see how and why!

How Do Displays Work?

The answer to this question is simple – displays work by emitting light. All display have pixels, which have subpixels. Depending on the display, the light source is different. The subpixels are RGB, or red, green and blue. By combining the RGB subpixel light, the pixel gets its colour.

AMOLED Screens

You know that the majority of modern phones use AMOLED displays. That is not by chance, since these displays are the best and the most affordable on the market. AMOLED displays are their own source of light and don’t require additional lighting source. That’s why, when having more black colour on the screen, the display’s activity is lower so it decreases the usage of power.

amoled black theme

What Can You Do?

It is evident what you can do. Start using black themes and wallpapers. In simple words, minimize the usage of colours, even if you are a fan of vibrant and lively tones. Yes, it may not make a significant difference, but it would definitely be a good thing. Be sure that it will work, because it is a scientifically proven things. Hey, that’s how AMOLED screens work!


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