The New World of Cut the Rope – Magic!

cut the rope magic

The well-known and Cut the Rope gaming app stole the heart of many people around the world. And for a good reason – the OmNom is probably one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen. The new part of Cut the Rope is officially here and it is called Magic!

The Features

As in all previous Cut the Rope games, the goal is to get OmNom to eat the candy. But unlike previous games, you have a little help of magic to do the trick. OmNom can now transform into a smaller version of itself, a bird, a mouse etc. There is also a bad boss who wants to eat your candy and you have to get it before he does!

The interface is much more colourful and exciting with the new Cut the Rope Magic. You will find different object exclusive to the new game.

cut the rope magic game

OmNom seems to get more tired in the new game, so you would need to give him some rest, watch a video or convert diamonds into energy.

The Price

Cut the Rope Magic is a free game which comes with in-app purchases.

The Verdict

I spent quite a lot fun time today with this game. It is an awesome one, I must admit. If you want to move your brain muscles a little bit, I encourage to try Cut the Rope Magic. However, what you may find frustrating is te fact that uou might have to wait until OmNom ins’t tired any more to play!

Download on iTunes get it on google play


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