OnePlus 2 Gets the Oxygen OS 2.2.0

oxygen os 2.2.0

The Oxygen OS is the operating system of OnePlus devices which has turned out to be a pretty decent platform, yet had its problems. To the pleasure of all OnePlus Two users, the updated Oxygen OS 2.2.0 has started to be rolled out to users throughout the world. The new version brings bug fixes, but also other changes that will definitely make a difference when using the phone. Let’s see what you should expect!

The Update

The biggest issue was the bug that caused problems in setting a SIM card preference in the settings menu on the OnePlus Two. We are glad to report that the problem had been solved with the bug fix! So if you were annoyed by the problem, don’t worry because with the new update it would be history.

Another important thing in this update are the security patches. Of course, they are here to keep your phone and your data safe.

In terms of the camera, the OnePlus Two will receive fixes to some of the Google Camera photosphere and panorama bugs with the Oxygen OS 2.2.0. Because it is the holiday season already, the software update comes with some great holiday wallpapers that you can choose from and start celebrating!

Also, now you can adjust the screen temperature to your liking. By going to quick settings, you can warm your screen up or cool it down.

OnePlus has already start rolling out the updates, so if you haven’t received it yet, it is only a matter of time, and by time we mean one or two days. Enjoy the holiday season with OnePlus and the Oxygen OS 2.2.0!


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