Amazon deals of the day

Amazon deals of the day

Discounts on Amazon are a usual thing, and for all tech fans, there’s always something good. If you are not a person who checks the Amazon deals every day, let us tell you what are the great things that you can find today!

Jackery Bar external battery of 6,000 mAh is now available on sale! If you are in need of a power bank, then this is a good choice for you since it is a very powerful external device. Let’s do a simple math. The average smartphone today has a capacity of around 2000 mAh. So basically, this powerbank has the capacity of three modern day smartphones. The Jackery Bar external battery normally costs $20, and with today’s discount, it will cost you $15.99. Sure, it is not a big discount, but it may be enough for someone to get in the mood of buying a much needed powerbank.

The big sale of the day is the Mini Jambox Bluetooth speaker. It is said that this Bluetooth speaker can go on for 10 hour straight, providing you with a clear sound. You can connect your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth 4.0 and let the fun begin! It is small enough to carry it around in your pocket, and you can turn an awkward silence into a blast with the help of this speaker. Without the discount, the Mini Jambox Bluetooth speaker costs around $100, and with the today’s discount, you can get it for half the price, or namely $59.99!


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