Go Back in Time With Timehop!


I remember some 6-7 years ago that I stumbled upon a website called Timehop. The idea was simple – connect it to your Facebook account and receive an email every day about what did you post on Facebook exactly one year ago. Since the smartphones has totally taken over now, Timehop is in sync with it, and they have released their app. Let’s see what this awesome app offers.

The Features

Timehop app can now do much more that what it used to do. Now you can connect multiple accounts and not only Facebook, and get a reminder of what you did on social media years ago. I have been using this app some time now, and I receive reminders from the time since I made my Facebook account, or 6 years ago!

timehop app

The representative of Timehop is a cute little dinosaur that also drops awesome puns! You will also receive info about a major event that happened on that day in history.

The Price

Timehop is a completely free app that you can download ans start using now!

The Verdict

I am really thrilled and satisfied with this app. I have stayed loyal to Timehop probably since its beginning when I received updates on email. It is all so sophisticated now, with an app that gives you a notification that your daily update is ready! I strongly recommend this app – try it and you will surely like it!


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