Awake Your Artistic Side With Pigment!


We all enjoyed colouring books as children, but that doesn’t  mean it should stay a thing in the past. With the mobile app store expanding every day, colouring books don’t seem so distant. We present to you such app, that will wake your artistic side up – the Pigment colouring book app!

The Features

If you want to relax a bit from time to time and go back in childhood, Pigment can be the right choice to do so. It has a clean and nice interface, which is in accordance with the entire concept of the app. The app is segmented into two main fields: Library and My Work. In the section library, you will find 20 different colouring books which you can choose from, which offer anything from abstract designs to winder inspired designs. In My Work section, of course, you will find the designs you have chosen to colour and you can quick access them.

pigment colouring app

You can choose between a wide variety of colours and colouring tools that you can use and give the design a personal touch. What is frustrating is the fact that if you want to export a photo, it will have the Pigment watermark all over it. However, what you can do is to go for an in-app purchase which will give you the premium subscription, allowing you to remove the watermark and also giving you access to more designs that you can colour.

The Price

Pigment is a free app for iPad and iPhone, and as mentioned above, has in-app purchases.

The Verdict

I had a pretty fun time with the Pigment app. Maybe it is not worth the in-app purchase, but if you want to have some relaxing time, the free version will do just fine. Enjoy!


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